Welcome to Dr Andrew Rawlin

We are delighted to welcome Andrew to our talented team of doctors! Andrew studied Medicine at Monash University, trained in Bendigo, Mildura and Swan Hill, and since graduating in 2012 has worked as an Intern and Basic Physician Trainee at three Eastern Health hospitals. He also holds a Masters in Tropical Medicine and Public Health, so Andrew brings a wide range of experience with him. Click on Autumn 2018 Newsletter to read the full story.


State-of-the-art ear wax micro-suction machine

Ear wax is an important part of a normal functioning ear – the ear wax (called cerumen) is designed to trap dirt and dust, and is supposed to migrate out of the ear canal to ‘self-clean’ the ear.  As many of our patients know, this self-cleaning mechanism doesn’t always work as well as we’d like it to!

Blackburn Clinic now offers safer and cleaner removal of ear wax build-up, using a state-of-the-art micro-suction machine.  CLICK HERE to read the full article.

How to book an appointment online

This article details the five steps of booking an appointment online, with pictures to guide you through the process.

Online bookings are open to existing patients only – New patients, and patients who have recently received a new Medicare card, or have not attended the clinic for a few years may need to phone us for an appointment.

If you have never tried to book an appointment at Blackburn Clinic via the internet, or have had difficulties doing so in the past, this article is here to help.

Remember, only some of our appointments are available online – please phone the clinic if you cannot find a suitable timeslot online, as we may be able to help you over the phone.  If you need a LONG consultation you will need to phone the clinic to book.

Patients love our online booking function – if you wake up in the middle of the night and know that you will be too sick to go to work that day, there is no need to wait for us to turn the phones on at 8:00am, just jump online to book, set your alarm in time for your appointment and go back to bed!

Click HERE to read the article.

Feedback from you & welcome back to Dr Yeg

Our Autumn 2017 Newsletter includes a summary of feedback for our recent Patient Survey.  Compared with other practices of similar size, we ranked in the top 25% for 11 of the 27 areas studied.  The biggest complaint from patients is that it is difficult to see their favourite doctor. We understand, so we’ve suggested a few tips to help you get appointments with your favourite doctor.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Yeganeh (Yeg) Khavar back as a permanent member of our team.  Please view our Autumn 2017 Newsletter for the Patient Survey results and to read our interview with Yeg.

36 years of Nursing in General Practice

Maree Plucinski, Division 1 Registered Nurse at Blackburn Clinic:

“When I started in 1980 there were only 6 doctors at Blackburn Clinic.  We used paper records and were located in an old house on the current site, but we’ve always had a Practice Manager and Division 1 Registered Nurses.  In 1992 we moved into the newly erected current building, accreditation was introduced in 1998 and we were one of the first clinics to participate and pass, and in 2002 we started using computer records.  Now almost everything is on computers.”

Please view our Summer 2016-2017 Newsletter for the full article.

Meet Dr Sean Das and Dr Kazunori Nakajima

Dr Sean Das graduated from Glasgow University, Scotland in 1990 and emigrated to Australia in 2001.  He spent five years as a GP in Lakes Entrance before moving to Melbourne, and has been with Blackburn Clinic since 2009.  He is married with two children, is a long frustrated Egyptologist, and a long suffering supporter of the Indian cricket team.

In his spare time Sean likes to read, watch SBS documentaries and go to the gym. He is training for a 10km run in July.

Dr Kazunori (Kaz) Nakajima was born in Japan and moved to Brisbane at the age of four, before attending the University of Melbourne and graduating in 2006.  He spent a few years working in the Eastern Health system and in Gippsland, before commencing his general practice training.  In his spare time he likes to cook, play soccer, travel (he is hoping to soon add to his count of 31 countries) and watch his beloved Brisbane Bronchos.

We welcomed Kaz to the Blackburn Clinic team in February 2011.

Please view our Winter 2016 Newsletter for the Questions and Answers with Sean and Kaz.

Have you met Dr Aaron Zhang and Dr Jasdeep Sandhu?

Dr Aaron Zhang was born in China and moved to New Zealand when he was 11 years old. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Otago in New Zealand, and moved to Melbourne. He spent the next few years working in various hospitals around Victoria, before realising that only general practice would allow him to embrace all aspects of medicine. He is married with a newborn son, and hoping to have more children down the track. He tries to do some gardening, fishing and travelling whenever he finds the time.

Aaron  was a Registrar at Blackburn Clinic in 2011 / 2012, and we welcomed him back permanently in 2015.

Jasdeep migrated to Australia in 2005. She studied Public Health at La Trobe University before returning to clinical practice. Since 2010 she has been working as a GP in Gisborne and Mooroolbark, and is delighted to now be able to work close to home. Her interests include women’s health, paediatrics, mental health, preventative and family medicine.  Jasdeep is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

We welcomed Jasdeep to the Blackburn Clinic team in March 2016.

Please view our Autumn 2016 Newsletter for the Question and Answer segment with Aaron and Jasdeep.