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WEEKEND PROTOCOL – no appointment necessary

On weekends and public holidays, please use the QR code at our entrance to get a COVID PASS, ensuring you have no Covid symptoms before entering the waiting room. Patients will be seen in order of arrival. If you have symptoms please phone the clinic before 10:00am, so we can arrange for the doctor to call you and book you into our carpark respiratory clinic if appropriate.

If you’ve had a Covid test, please phone the clinic so we can arrange for a doctor to call you back with the result. We have limited capacity to change ‘dressings’ on weekends, but if strictly necessary, you are advised to come as early as possible – depending on how busy the carpark respiratory clinic gets, dressings may not be possible after 10:00am on weekends.


Due to increased demand for face-to-face appointments, all appointments booked online from 1 December 2020 will be face-to face.  Telehealth remains available where appropriate – patients should telephone the clinic to book telehealth appointments. With different rules and protocols for each appointment type, as well as increased administration as a result of telehealth and continuing requirements to check whether patients have respiratory symptoms, the reception team is feeling the heat! Feel free to give them some socially distant encouragement to help them get through another day as a front-line healthcare worker.

Update for patients – 15 October 2020

It’s been really nice to see many of you again as we increase our face to face consulting when it is safe and suitable to do so. Telehealth continues to be available, but patients without respiratory symptoms can also be seen face-to-face. The fees for Telehealth consults will change on 2 November – CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO READ MORE.

Update for patients 21 September 2020

As COIVID-19 case numbers come under control we will gradually transition back to our normal consultation format. From 28th September, patients without respiratory symptoms will be able to choose between face-to-face and telehealth consultations. Telehealth will continue to be available until the end of March 2021 – bulk billed for Concession patients and with a $20 gap for others. Please CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE for a full update.

Update for patients – 28 July 2020

We are committed to serving our community through this pandemic. Telehealth remains our preferred first option for contact. We remain open for face-to-face consults for those issues that clearly require this. Please CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE for a full update.

Vale Professor Neil Carson – AO

We are saddened by the passing of Emeritus Professor Neil Carson AO on 10 June 2020.  Blackburn Clinic was founded by Professor Carson in 1952 and he maintained his connection with the clinic until his passing.
It was on the current site at 195 Whitehorse Road that Professor Carson first established the Blackburn Clinic general practice, using the lounge room of his family home as the waiting room. Click on the image above to read more.

Update for our patients – 21st May 2020

Preventative health activities are now available. Telehealth continues to be our initial contact and assessment service but the clinic is open, safe and fully operational to attend to those issues that require a face to face consultation. Patients with fever or respiratory symptoms continue to be seen in our Carpark Respiratory Clinic. CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Update for our patients – 20th April 2020

Our help is only a phone call away. Please CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE to find out how we are continuing to meet your needs whilst maintaining a safe practice environment. This letter from our Managing Principal describes changes to the way we ‘see’ patients, to our billing policy and describes how we can help you.

Update for our patients – 31 March 2020

We are pleased to announce that all patients are now eligible for Telehealth Consultations. Either ring the clinic for an appointment or book online.  ALL ONLINE BOOKINGS are now for Telehealth Consultations. CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE to find out how Telehealth Consultations work and about our Carpark Respiratory Clinic, designed to keep the main building free from potentially infectious patients, and how to access it.

Telehealth consultations available

We are now offering telehealth services to improve your access to health care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Current patients can now connect with their GP via telephone for a consultation.  If you are reluctant to visit the clinic in person for fear of catching the coronavirus, please telephone us to discuss whether we can help you in other ways.