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  • If you are 60 years of age or older, then you can only have the Astra Zeneca vaccine

  • If you have had your first dose of Astra Zeneca already then you need to have this again for your booster (regardless of your age).

  • If you are 40-59 years of age, you are eligible for the Pfizer vaccine.

  • If you are 16-39  years of age, you need to check your eligibility using the following link:
    If you are 16-39 AND eligible, you will need to provide proof of your eligibility when you attend for your vaccine.


Online bookings for Covid vaccines are only available for SATURDAY & SUNDAY afternoons by selecting an appointment with “Covid Vacc-For Patient Aged 60+” or “Covid Vacc-Eligib Patients Under 60”.  Do not select a Doctor’s name if you want to book for a Covid vaccination. See full instructions further down the page.


Second doses:

If you have had your first Covid vaccination elsewhere, please phone us to book your second dose (don’t book online) as the appointment requirements will be different.

For further information about the Astra Zeneca vaccine (including side effects such as the rare blood clotting condition) on the linksbelow:

For further information about the Pfizer vaccine, please click on the link below:

Please ensure you read the relevant link in detail.  Please DO NOT proceed with an online booking if you fall into any of the ‘precautions’ groups – such as allergy, bleeding disorder, immunocompromised etc. If these relate to you or if you have any questions, please make an appointment with your regular GP to discuss your suitability for a vaccine.

The link below shows you the consent form for the both vaccines. It is important for you to read this prior to booking online. Booking your appointment online is an indication that you have consented for your vaccine.

Further information regarding our weekend COVID vaccine appointments can be found here:

For instructions on how to book an online appointment please click on the link below:

New Patients of any age

NEW PATIENTS are unable to book online (due to software limitations) and are asked to complete a NEW COVID VACCINE PATIENT REGISTRATION FORM by clicking here. Please print out, complete the form, scan and email it back (to the email address on the form), or follow the alternate instructions on the form.

Existing patients who have not consulted with us for more than 2 years will need to phone our reception team to request an appointment.


Flu vaccination bookings can be made by telephoning our reception team. Please be aware that your Flu and COVID vaccinations need to occur at least 2 weeks apart.



Please use this link to check which phase of the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout you fit into:

WEEKEND PROTOCOL – no appointment necessary

On weekends and public holidays, please use the QR code at our entrance to get a COVID PASS, ensuring you have no Covid symptoms before entering the waiting room. Patients will be seen in order of arrival. If you have symptoms please phone the clinic before 10:00am, so we can arrange for the doctor to call you and book you into our carpark respiratory clinic if appropriate.

If you’ve had a Covid test, please phone the clinic so we can arrange for a doctor to call you back with the result. We have limited capacity to change ‘dressings’ on weekends, but if strictly necessary, you are advised to come as early as possible – depending on how busy the carpark respiratory clinic gets, dressings may not be possible after 10:00am on weekends.


Telehealth is still available where appropriate – please phone the clinic to book telehealth appointments.


Telehealth consultations have an out of pocket Gap (after the Medicare rebate) of $30 (or $15 for Concession patients) for appointments MON-FRI BEFORE 6PM. Telehealth AFTER 6PM and ON WEEKENDS has a Gap of $45 ($30 Concession). These gaps are lower than for face-to-face appointments.


Blackburn Clinic is not able to test for COVID-19. Please CLICK HERE to view the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) MAP OF COVID-19 TESTING SITES or speak with your doctor. Some sites require a referral from your GP.  Click on the site you are interested in attending to get further information about their service.


CLICK HERE to access the DHHS Symptom Checker.


Please CLICK HERE to view information provided by DHHS about COVID-19, which is available in over 50 different languages.

Is it true? Your COVID-19 Vaccine questions answered.

It is important to rely on reputable sources of information to help you make informed choices and stay up-to-date on the latest information about COVID-19 vaccines. With new vaccine developments every day, it’s normal to have questions or concerns, and possibly feel hesitant about getting a vaccine. Sometimes it's hard to tell misunderstandings or false information from the facts. Please see the Department of Health "Is it True?" web page for the answers to a range of questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

Welcome Dr Yashar Zadeh

We are delighted to welcome Dr Yashar Zadeh to our team of doctors. Yashar grew up in Iran and became a Doctor of Medicine in 2002. Since moving to Australia in 2007 he has worked in several General Practices in Victoria. Yashar brings a wide range of experience, is compassionate and speaks fluent Farsi. Please view our Winter 2021 Newsletter to read our interview with Yashar.

Covid Vaccines for ages 50-69

We have special permission from the Department of Health, to start vaccinating our patients aged 50 and over against Covid -19. If you are aged 50-69 you can book ONLINE (see instructions on our home page) to have your Covid vaccine at one of our weekend vaccine clinics. If you need a weekday appointment please phone the clinic instead. If you have risk factors (listed on our home page) you will need an appointment with your GP first to discuss the risks before you book your Covid vaccination. If you don't have risk factors just go ahead and book for the Covid vaccination.


Our clinic is an association of independent General Practitioners who consult from two suites within the same building at 195 Whitehorse Road. Patients are welcome to see our GPs at either or both of:

Suite 5—Blackburn Clinic             and
Suite 2– Blackburn Specialist Centre.

Our services, fees, policies and procedures apply to both suites. Both sites have secure access to our patient clinical data and share the same system for patient appointments. The following GPs consult at Blackburn Specialist Centre:

  • Dr Andrew Broad
  • Dr Peter Elliott
  • Dr Yeganeh Khavar
  • Dr Terence Ting
  • Dr Prabaharan Ratnarajah.

These GPs consult at Blackburn Clinic when the Blackburn Specialist Centre is closed. To make an appointment with any of our GPS please use the Book Appointment Online button or phone 03 9875 1123.

What to do After hours

When the Clinic is closed, our main clinic number (03 9875 1111) automatically diverts as follows:

Mon-Fri up until 11:00pm

Blackburn Clinic After Hours duty doctor service, staffed by our Principal doctors who have access to your records and will contact you promptly.
Fees: $180 for telephone advice or $300 for a home visit.
Alternately, telephone 13 SICK Locum (13 7425).

Mon-Fri after 11:00pm

13 SICK Locum (phone 13 7425)

Weekends and public holidays

13 SICK Locum (phone 13 7425)

Alternatively you can  attend the Emergency Departments of Box Hill, Maroondah, or Knox Private Hospitals.

Online Bookings

We now offer the convenience of an online booking system, click here to make your booking.

Our Online Appointment system does not fully support all mobile devices. Whenever possible we recommend that you use a Personal Computer (PC) when making Online Appointments.

60 Years of Experience

We have a proud history of over 60 years providing excellence in General Practice. We are a private billing clinic:

  • Fully accredited General Practice
  • Comprehensive range of family medicine services
  • Licensed Travel Vaccination Centre
  • A medical training practice accredited with the RACGP
  • Childhood immunisations
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Men’s Health Checks
  • Women’s Health Checks
  • Health assessments for Over 75s
  • Aviation Medicals